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Our staff specialising in: Acute Care, Aged Care & Community Care, Disability Care and Mental Health Care

Nursing care staff

Aged Care, Disability Care, Home & Community Care and more

Aged Care

Aged care nurses specialize in looking after the ageing members of the community who might need help with day-to-day activities as well as with regular medication.

Athena Nursing Care - Acute Care

Acute Care

Nurses specialising in Acute Care work in emergency rooms, operating rooms, walk-in clinics, doctor's offices, critical care units, or in community-based environments.

Athena Nursing Care - Disability & Mental Health

Disability & Mental Care

Mental healthcare nursing is a specialised field of nursing whose main focus is on looking after patients with mental and psychological problems which require assistance to help them cope and recover.

Athena Nursing Care - Home & Community Care

Home & Community Care

ANC makes this trying time easier for you and your family with a range of domestic and personal care services designed to optimise health and independence.

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Acute Care, Aged & Community Care, Disability Care and Mental Health Care Services

Registered NDIS Provider - Athena Nursing Care

one of the emerging nursing agencies in Australia

ANC is providing professionally trained and experienced nurses all over NSW. Our nurses are certified, trained and experienced. They come from diverse backgrounds to meet the industry requirements. If you are looking for Bilingual care staff, then ANC is the solution to all your nursing care requirements. We take proud of our Care staff for their professional approach, caring attitude, diversity management and personal and emotional attachment.

As we endeavor to service in the healthcare industry with the highest quality staffing solutions, we also offer a wide variety of services aimed at improving community health and well being.

From Corporate Health services and Community Health services (NDIS) to Lifestyle Options offering in-home care services and aged care accommodation, we have the unique ability to provide you with the highest level services on a national scale and at competitive rates.