At Athena Nursing Care, training and development forms the core of our business philosophy.


regular assessment

Every new employee at ANC is assessed regularly to help us identify training needs. We encourage staff to focus on their own professional development. Our current employees also receive mandatory training in order to maintain and update their key competencies, it is continues improvement process of our company.

ANC works with local RTO’S to provide Certificate-level training programs in Aged Care, Individual support, Disability and Mental Health. Our association with AWTA helps us stay ahead of the competition and create rewarding careers for our nursing staff.

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Athena Nursing Care - Training

ANC : well equipped staff

With a dedicated budget for training and development, ANC ensures our staff is equipped with the latest information and techniques to provide the best service to our clients.

Athena Nursing Care

ANC : Ready to Educate Themselves

ANC staff is also encouraged to attend any in-house education offered by our clients to understand their needs better and provide better service.

Athena Nursing Care